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AI4EO is where the worlds of AI and EO meet with an enthusiastic community of talented users ready to solve your challenges through data competitions.

Together we define the parameters and users submit their algorithms. Our platform scores their accuracy in real-time on a leaderboard.

Competitions are a good way to tackle data problems, showcase your EO capabilities, and interact with people in a fun way.

We have the platform so you only need to bring the problem and the data to define the challenge!


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Thanks to the AI4EO platform and the help of our partners, TUM, DLR, and Radiant Earth we stimulated the innovation in Spatio-temporal machine learning. With the help of AI4EO, a unique challenge was developed centred around modelling vegetation phenology from near-daily, harmonized time series of Planet Fusion and Sentinel Imagery. This furthered the developments of AI in Earth Observation.

Head of Marketing


The AI4EO platform has a powerful algorithm and functions which made our competition engaging. We meet many enthusiast participants with a desire to advance the field of hyperspectral image processing. This paved the way for the future of farming with the help of in-orbit processing.

KP Labs
Lead Scientist

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